September 08, 2009


The day, Labor Day, was overcast and chilly. We awoke to the hum of the fan, wiping the sleep from our eyes, stretching, a yawn or two thrown in for good measure. When the body resists the effort to commence with the day, coffee is the only match that can be struck to stoke the fires.

The Daily Grind in Fells, knee deep in patronage. About six deep in line, we ordered two cappuccino's. I retired to a table in the back with a copy of Urbanite whilst my fellow waited for our brew. I wondered what could be taking so long as I flipped through the pages of the magazine. When the coffee, thick with it's foamy milk toupee arrived I was informed that our order had been forgotten.

We downed our coffee and embarked on a stroll around the waters edge, but it was too chilly for flip flops and t-shirts, so we cut everything short and headed home.

The sun, lost behind the clouds, and the damp chill inspired me to do the unthinkable, put on socks, sneakers and a pair of long pants. Summer really is over.

To pass the time, I engaged in some knitting, which has become a purely seasonal endeavor for me. In my mind, September and knitting aren't bed fellows. The visual of pumpkins and the autumnal smell of leaves falling through the air breeds more inspiration for purling and knit.

Lunch time arrived and we headed out once again. This time we ended up at a new restaurant at pier five touting it's use of organic and local goods. While we had been told that this was in fact not a chain, the visual we got was contrary. The waitress mispronouncing "bruschetta" didn't help things either. Neither did the pizza we ordered with it's thick layer of rubbery cheese suffocating it's too thin and soggy crust.

We left for home.

The house was quiet with a nap by one and reading by another. As I read, I wondered what sort of dinner could cleanse the day of it's epicurean tom foolery. I opted to retain counsel with the requisite salad and a pot of red sauce.

Over dinner we went down memory food lane, discussing what our favorite meals were when we were kids. There was such a contrast, but we both had smiles on our faces as the memories flood out.

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