September 22, 2009

Honey Glazed

While the coffee was brewing I made quick work of an Amuse-bouche. A prelude, if you will, to espresso and biscotti. Having been gifted yet another round of figs (no complaints here) we desired something more than just eating them plain.

With some farmer's market honey on hand, that hadn't been touched in ages, and a fresh container of crème fraîche, I pulled together something special. A zingy, sweet, honey glazed treat.

I loved assembling this petit after dinner gift. A rinse of the fig, then halved. Positioned on plate, followed by demitasse dollop of crème fraîche. The glaze of honey, as much or as little.

The fig flavor held it's power as the crème fraîche imparted its creamy sourness, leaving the honey to linger on the back of our tongues.

So quick and so pleasing. A lovely farewell to the last day of summer.


  1. Ah I love pulling my farmers market honey to drizzle on greek yogurt with berries. Your combination sounds just as amazing!

  2. Honey, berries and yogurt were made for each other.


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