September 22, 2009

Linguine and Shrimp

A nest of pasta, coated with red sauce, made pink with the addition of cream, was gently placed into the warmed bowls. He fishes out the shrimp from the remaining sauce, nestling them just so, making sure everything is equitable. Once at the table, a healthy dose of parm and a quick dose of red pepper flakes applied.

There is a silence that occurs every night at dinner. It's pasta quiet. The tinkles of fork tines on ceramic, the occasional slurp, the hum of 'Mmmmm' every now and then. The crunch of a scallion or the reapplication of parm. The pause to draw in red wine, a cleansing gulp of water or the wipe of a napkin on ones face.

The sad moment when you realize that you've just finished and there's nothing left in the pot.

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