September 21, 2009

Last Breath of Summer

Our garden has been pretty self sufficient this summer. With just enough rain to keep us from ever having to water, it's provided us with a bounty. There were moments that it was hemorrhaging tomatoes. We're still getting a slow trickle of roma off the vine.

A lemon tree we inherited, potted and sitting in a prime spot out back, is no doubt waiting for its warm spot nestled in the corner of our living room. With about three lemons, green as limes, we'll not see a ripened fruit until late November, if we're lucky. Picking lemons in ones living room is a treat.

There was a moment when our pot of mint was ravaged by the sun and we had cut off more than we should have for some in-house herbal bouquets. Now experiencing a second wind, it's growing like a weed once again.

The basil has been active since day one. We could do another huge batch of pesto, but we're not willing to give the hours of work it requires, so we'll pick here and there for dish this or that until autumn's cold hand grasps.


A cluster of pepper plants, slow to produce, is now producing daily.

So, at the moment there's just enough to keep us active. Waiting for the last fruit to fall, I hope it comes later rather than sooner. For there is a weekend in our future begging for plants to be pulled, dirt to be turned, and pots to be stowed away.

I require a nap just thinking about it.

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