September 20, 2009

Sunday to Sunday

I'd like to say that I've not had coffee since last Sunday, but I've been told that after dinner espresso counts as coffee. To detox a little, I cut out the morning cup over the last week. I missed it slightly the first day. I missed it more on the second day. By the third day I was grateful that I didn't have to clean the filter basket before heading off to work. By the fourth day I almost didn't look at the coffee machine when I came down for breakfast, but it did catch my gaze slightly...I'll admit I looked back at it fondly as I walked out the door. By the fifth day I was on the road to recovery. By day six I reflected that I hadn't experienced any physical caffeine withdrawal symptoms. No headaches, no shakes, no cold sweats. By day seven I was anxiously awaiting the Italian to suggest going for a coffee.

We slipped out of the house. The morning chilly and sunny. Bonaparte, or Bonaparte Breads, is our Sunday morning haunt when we're not haunting The Daily Grind. We entered to find only one other person in line, although outside seating was quite seated and many a table inside occupied as well. I pushed two dollars into the tip jar and found a table in the corner. A perfect perch if you're up for people watching.

The Italian ordered our coffees, one regular, one cappuccino, and two petit pain au chocolat.

The staff is an interesting blend of French, Spanish, and perhaps one American for balance sake. Our girl, cheerfully brought over our coffee and pastry. We had to hunt down three regular sugar packets for the Italian. He had to make do with two. I take my cappuccino straight.

I'll admit that I do have a fondness for any pastry with dark bittersweet chocolate built into it. Pain au chocolat is the perfect buttery, pastry, chocolate blend. Even better they sell small. Just enough pastry to create a habitable environment for coffee without the guilt.

Coffee sipped until cold, a little mid-morning Sunday conversation and we head back home. Coming up on dinner hour soon, around 2:00 on Sunday. I've been told that homemade lasagna is to be expected. My stomach is ready and I am able. No doubt a mid-afternoon nap will likely follow.

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