September 15, 2009

Vacation Kitchen, Missed

For about four years we were fortunate to have a kitchen away from kitchen in West Ocean City, MD. My grandmother and her boyfriend (it always makes me giggle inside when I say 'my grandmother's boyfriend') own said home of kitchen. Last summer the trailer was demolished and a new 50 footer with deck, multiple bedrooms and baths was installed in its place. Lucky them! Grandmom's sweety sold his home and moved into the trailer full time. Grandmom still has her condo, but she now lives in sin down at the new trailer. I can't blame her. Who wouldn't want to live by the ocean year round?

I love my grandmother dearly, but I don't want to impose. I'm sure others (and believe me my entire family was hog wild for that trailer when it was vacant) have expressed interest in staying there. I'll have to get over the notion that I'm imposing soon, some beach therapy is much needed. The beach is darn expensive. Our trip to Rehoboth in July reminded us of that.

But, back to the old kitchen with its painted refrigerator, ants, and over-abundance of scissors. It did the job. Many a breakfast of french toast was made courtesy of that beautiful yellow Magic Chef gas stove. The oven didn't work, but the stove could kick out just enough energy to keep us all well fed. That tiny kitchen had just about every amenity you could ask for too...microwave, double sink, toaster, coffee maker and all the dirty flatware one on vacation looking for a clean spoon could hope for.

And I miss our annual trip to Fausto's Ristorante Antipasti. Fausto with his feathered white locks and quick Italian charm. We have got to get back there. The food was really good. We never left the table without spending at least $150. It was easy to spend that much at dinner when the trailer was free.

Oh, and a double scoop of coconut chocolate chip from Dumser's...

My heart is sick for the trailer and all of the great food memories surrounding it.

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