September 16, 2009

Without Recipe

I was charged with roasting the pototoes. Retrieved from the fridge and immersed in a cool bath, I proceeded to slice off any peculiar blemishes before giving them a good scrub, a quick spin and quartering. Once on the sheet pan, I bathed them in olive oil, salt and pepper and gave them a good toss to make sure everything was coated. The broiler, their final destination before moving on to the salad.

The broiler always gives us great results in the least amount of time. We literally set the broiler on high and walk away.

My better half who always produces the better half of the meal set out to use up some organic chicken breast. In his arsenal; olive oil, flour, salt, pepper, garlic, white wine, chicken stock, butter, parsley, basil and lemon. In for a treat and it's only Tuesday!

There wasn't a lot of talking going on. I believe the aroma coming from the stove top had us both in a trance.

While the chicken was finishing, I sliced the bread and readied my camera. I waited patiently, but I was on pins and needles. It felt like it was taking forever, but you can't rush something as good as this.

With my trusty Canon PowerShot SD20, I moved as fast I could around the dish, so carefully staged. I had to get a few good shots in. Not only did I not want the chicken to get cold, I knew that we were both starving.

We left one chicken breast, although we both could have finished it. The pool of delicious chicken/lemon/basil liquor was the only other thing that remained. No apologies will be made for our appetite. We love to eat.

Night two without pasta and we've still got that pile of eggplant from the farmers market to conquer. Tonight, we're joining friends for dinner to celebrate a birthday. The restaurant unknown, but instinct tells me that pasta will have to wait for Thursday.


  1. In the Netherlands, Amuses are the same as French Amuse-bouche! Just found that out and now...a blog by that name. Nice

  2. Thanks, it took me a long time to come up with the name.


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