April 25, 2010

Rhubarb and Strawberry Compote


I knew it was local and in-season when it appeared. Loose, long, brilliant ruby in color. I've been looking for you. What took you so long? I bagged a pound or so, feeling triumphant.

A squat mason jar stood ready, willing and able, now only half full (that's about a cup) in the refrigerator. Three freezer bags marked Rhubarb & Strawberry Compote 04/24/2010 lay stacked, 1-2-3, in the freezer.

This was a first. The rhubarb, the compote.

Four cups rhubarb (1" dice).

1/4 cup water.

1/2 cup white sugar (heaping).

I had tamed the sugar from the suggested 3/4 cup (so I thought—1/2 cup heaping = 3/4 cup, in a roundabout way). As the sugar water bubbled around the rhubarb I finished cleaning and halving the strawberries.

Four cups strawberries.

Fork tender, I pulled the rhubarb from the heat, mixed in the strawberries and proceeded to transfer everything to a large bowl to cool.

I imagine it dolloped onto a scoop of vanilla ice cream (Roberto did bring home a pint just last night) or spooned into a thick greek yogurt. Maybe set upon a sponge cake, stirred into some oatmeal, or spread onto a thick piece of toast.

Maybe pour it into a tart crust (as soon as I master the task) and top with mascarpone, or stir into a batter—be it muffin or cake. Frozen, I could turn it into a chunky granita or whip it into a smoothie (if we had a blender—or drank smoothies).

I tasted (it was quite nice—rhubarb and strawberries are nice companions), but we did not dare a tasting.

"We're not compote people." I said. What a funny thing to say, I'll admit.


  1. great, great photos!
    david loves rhubarb:)

  2. Your photos are a real joy! Strawberry and rhubarb is one of my favourite combinations, even if, like you, I'm not really a compote person. Now I'm dying for a spoonful or two...

  3. I'm seriously salivating right now!!!
    Strawberry rhubarb compote is one of my favorites.....I love it on ice cream, like you said.....or with almond cake.... to die for! :)

  4. You make me laugh. Not a compote person. I guess you will be now with that luscious-looking jar parked in the fridge. Enjoy.

  5. ooh lovely, lovely. I came home to some wonderful rhubarb in the garden, we have had crumble and muffins are next.

  6. I was just thinking about making something different with rhubarb now that its *finally* around up here-- I think I've found a solution! I'm not a compote person either but, my love for rhubarb knows no bounds... and I'm practically drooling right now. great photos!

  7. This compote sounds wonderful. I am still waiting for rhubarb to arrive at the markets near me - seems like it is taking forever this spring!

  8. I've never had rhubarb... you can't find it here in FL... have a great week!

  9. I am a compote person. I just finished the last of my rhubarb and would gladly eat yours : )

  10. love, love rhubarb and your pictures are fantastic!

  11. elisabelle - I would love to see you make something with rhubarb!

    Vanessa - For some reason you've put Mary Poppins into my head. A spoonful of sugar... :)

    M. - We might need to plant a dollop or two over vanilla ice cream tonight.

    Michele - I want very much to be a compote person. Maybe I just need to find the right compote.

    Kath - Oh, I can't wait for your next post. You have been missed :)

    Tracy - I must admit, I was drooling when I poured the compote into the jars and then I just stared at it not knowing what to do with it. :)

    Nancy - I'm sure it's right around the corner for you. Our cities are practically neighbors. The warm weather just has to push it's way up the coast...it will have rhubarb in tow.

    Puncutation - Thank you :)

    Denise - I know. Your recent rhubarb post had me inspired. :)

    Camilla - Thank you :) I had no idea there were so many rhubarb lovers out there.

  12. That looks so beautiful. Rhubarb is so summery to me. I need to go out and get some this week!

  13. Congrats on your first---brilliant. I had never thought of myself as a compote person either, but life is always full of pleasant surprises.

  14. Melange a Trois - It does seems summery...sorta like a hazy hot and humid day kinda thing, lazing on a porch eating homemade vanilla ice cream with rhubarb strawberry compote on top. :)

    nancy - Thank you :) I do like the pleasant surprises.

  15. Tracy, Sweet Mary is all about the rhubarb right now. Perhaps the two of you should consult?

    Me? I've never had rhubarb in all my life. Should I admit such things?

  16. Wendi - Actually, if it weren't for Sweet Mary's blog I don't think I would have gone down the rhubarb route. Her recipes inspired me a great bit.

    It's okay to admit such things :)


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