May 15, 2010

Light, Camera, Food


Photos 1-3: baby greens (ready)

Photo 4: spicy dry cured sausage (the last of—several not as spicy still to eat)

Photo 5: pineapple (ripe—now or never)

Photos 6-7: Saturday's dinner (meat craving fulfilled—fusilli with meat sauce)


  1. For some reason, I've been craving meat lately. I guess I should do something about it. 4 + 6 and 7 are helping me come up with some ideas. Maybe 1-3 can be served beside the meat. 5 for dessert. Thanks.

  2. Just beautiful but they make you terribly hungry!

  3. Hey, Just found your blog and I love all the pretyt pictures! I'll definately stay around! :)

  4. From garden to table--can't get any more fresh than that. And the meat sauce looks fabulous!

  5. Denise - I like the logic and order you drew from the photos :) I hope you get meat soon!

    Elisabelle - Thank you :)

    Vanessa - We were terribly hungry yesterday. A lot of gardening and exercise :)

    Daniela - Thank you :)

    Michele - Thank you :) We love garden to table. This is our favorite time of year. By the way...we froze three containers of the sauce for future use. It's lovely not to waste.

  6. This looks DELICIOUS!

    ps- in love with your blog. Cant wait to try some of your recipes.

  7. Wow, those baby greens shot up. Yum, yum

  8. I have to tell you, we have very similar eating patterns...just few nights ago I had gnocchi and spicy italian sausage for dinner :)
    If we were to throw a party together, there would be no fights over the menu :)
    love the title of your post.

  9. MeganRose - :) Thank you. I wish I had more in recipe format, but we kinda wing it most times.

    Kath - They were delicious. :)

    M. - Oh, that sounds so good. We've been wanting orecchiette with spicy italian sausage and rapini lately (in fact we ate out today and Roberto ordered just that). And just last night I was thinking how wonderful gnocchi would be with a little meat sauce. Yep, no fights over the menu at all :)

  10. Spicy dry cured sausage... well, I could eat the whole of it gladly with a glass of red and a fresh loaf of crusty bread... Am I too greedy? :)

  11. These photographs hit the spot just right. Wonderful!

  12. magda - Add some cheese with that's SUPER hot :)

    alexandria - I'm so grateful for daylight and good food :)

  13. Fabulous photos, Tracy!! Love them!! :-) Mmm, I'm so very, very hungry now. :-)

  14. I'm totally in love with your photography. What kind of camera do you have and what are the two settings you use most often? Your meals look always ever so delicious (especially the Nutella featured a few future posts down the road)!


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