May 17, 2010

Sunday Sky, Vines, and Rise


Another banana bread sat cooling. Out of canola, I tried olive oil instead. The crumb, while still moist, did not rise as high or crater, splinter and split as beautifully.

"It feels like we're on vacation." I said.

"Why?" He asked.

"The sun is so bright. We're eating scrambled eggs with toast and coffee" I said.

Lunch in Little Italy. A walk along the promenade. Home. 

Roberto fed the garden while I crept about with Canon. Seven tomato plants. Seven. The architecture of crooked cages. The sky high with vivid blue. The house looks like chocolate mouse.

Up the steps. Final shots. The Geraniums will be shooting up soon. I see buds hiding beneath the green.

Inside, I import into iPhoto. The breeze is gently blowing. I hear the telltale pump...Roberto is spraying for ants.


  1. Tracy, what will you do with all those tomatoes? As if I REALLY have to ask.

  2. This is a great post. Lovely photos. Do you have a favorite recipe for the banana bread?

  3. The banana bread looks great, a perfect Sunday. I must be on the banana kick, too - made banana muffins yesterday!

  4. What a blissful Sunday, Tracy! :-) I will be getting my own tomato plants very soon and can't wait. :-)

  5. I really like your first image, the composition and depth is quite nice.

  6. Wendi - :)

    MeganRose - Thank you :) I posted my most successful banana bread recipe to date here:

    Nancy - I just can't get enough of banana bread with peanut butter lately. I'm sure I'll sick of it soon :)

    Tart - It was a very nice day. Couldn't ask more perfect weather :)

    Denise - Thank you :) I had a lot of fun composing that shot and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

  7. I love your photos as always Tracy. Banana bread with olive oil sounds amazing and it looks fantastic. When the sun is shining, you have time and good things are baking in the kitchen, it's as good as being on holiday for me too.

  8. visiting your blog feels like italy, feels like vacation , feels like la dolce vita.

  9. Vanessa - We all could use more Sundays like that :)

    Elisabelle - That is a sweet thing to say :)

    Michele - It was :) Now it's gray and cold again. Ugh.

  10. Those look like smashing tomato plants, about the same height as ours. I look forward to seeing how ours get on and whether yours fruit quicker.

  11. Kath - It's been rainy and cold here. We need the swelter. I'll bet we'll fruit at about the same rate...

  12. I love those simple happy moments that feel like you're on vacation...and all you need is some good food and beautiful weather to eat it outside... :)

  13. M. - I was pretty grateful for the feeling :)

  14. I love those shots of your wall with the sky!


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