June 27, 2010

The figs are here...


and I'm as happy as a clam.


"They're almost too sweet." Roberto said.

I was in full agreement. Nodding my head. Pulling apart a second fig.

Figs on toast, I thought.

My fingers are sticky, I thought.

If I get up and rinse them they'll only get sticky again, I thought.


It will be us against the blackbirds (the fig tree has to be netted). They are rather skilled. Landing on the fence. Jumping into the garden. Fluttering their way up to a branch. Pecking, pecking, pecking.

Damn birds!

Zara will have to work harder for her supper.

"Get the birds, Zara!"

But it's so hot out there. She doesn't want to go outside. She doesn't seem to give a damn about birds or peanuts these days. Lazy bones spread eagle on the tiled floor, sleeping, waiting for dinner scraps.

Roberto's mother gives Zara a scrap.

Roberto's father gives Zara a scrap.

My eyes survey the pan of goat in search of a tiny piece. "Don't give her that piece. It's the best part." Roberto says. I look again. "That's good too."

"It's so tiny." I say while pulling it from the pan.


Zara takes the tiny piece of goat from my fingers and swallows it whole.

"Does she like figs?" I ask.


  1. There is a tiny bakery here in Boston that sells biscotti with figs and almonds. Now I'm craving one badly!

  2. Love, love, love figs! Fabulous photos - thanks for sharing:)

  3. Mmm, I love those sticky fingers from eating figs, their soft texture as you bite into them. Wonderful photos, I hope Zara likes figs.

  4. I still haven't had a fig this year, they are just starting at the market now. Happy as a clam , I like that expression very much. Goat, we need to know more and Zara, does she ike figs ?

  5. Oh how I love figs, and yours are beautiful. Our tree is covered with tiny, hard green figs--a tree we long ago grew from a shoot from my father's tree. We don't have luck with fig trees--something my husband won't accept. John coddles, prunes, feeds, protects and is forever hopeful. Sigh!

  6. Oh that has made me laugh, good old Zara. We bought a fig tree last year and it has just come into leaf but no fruit yet. I wonder if we will ever have fruit or if we will have the same luck as Michele.

  7. Figs! They are absolutely excellent on pizza, by the way...

  8. I'm with Zara this weekend...it was too hot to do anything!

  9. I think I could honestly say, if I had to pick only 10 foods to eat the rest of my life, figs would be one of them. Your posts always put a huge smile on my face and a big rumble in my belly. :-)

  10. Oh yum! I too love figs. The only time I've had them in the last year is when my husband orders duck from one of our favorite restaurants. It comes with a fig and cherry chutney, and I try to weasel as many figs out of him as I can!

  11. Lindsey Frances - Figs and almonds, what a lovely pairing that is.

    Stephanie - They are such wonderful figs. Glad to capture and share them with everyone

    Vanessa - Zara hasn't latched onto the wonder of figs. She can be quite picky. She is an English Setter with Italian blood, after all :)

    rachel - I need to be clam happy more often. Sadly, Zara does not approve of figs.

    Michele - That makes me so sad. I hope your figs morph into sticky sweet orbs dripping fig honey. Your husband is working so hard and your tree is history. Don't give up.

    Kath - I'm sure it will fruit, but it might take years. We have a lemon tree started from Roberto's parents lemon tree and that darn thing has yet to produce quantities. His parents tree, lemons galore. It's funny, really.

    elizabeth - I think you would never go hungry in our kitchen. All the pasta and pizza you could eat. I have never eaten figs on pizza. Perhaps you will post about that sometime soon...before fig season ends :)

    Beth - Yes, what's up with this heat wave!

    MeganRose - :) I think figs would be on my list as well.

    Jen - Fig and cherry chutney sounds great. In fact, yesterday along with the figs there was a huge bowl of cherries. Very good indeed.

  12. Ohhh, the figs are SO beautiful, Tracy! :-) We used to have fresh ones in California but I haven't seen them here in Washington yet. I'll have to go searching!!! :-)

  13. I just spotted some figs last week at the farmers market but didn't get any... now after looking at your post,will have to fix that... next saturday.

  14. Oh I'm so jealous. Fresh figs! Can't find here any yet. Too soon I think. With some prosciutto ...yum!

  15. Figs glorious gorgeous Figs....lucky lucky Tracy and Roberto!!
    Figs in our neighborhood are still forming--they're in the odd green knob stage, still a few weeks out..
    sweet and wonderful figs vs. crafty birds hope the netting works for you; the birds don't care at all about sharing (our blueberries and plum both vanished practically overnight)
    a highlight of last years fig crop was flatbread baked w/ figs, proscuitto, and dolce gorgonzola so, so good. enjoy your bounty

  16. Tart - I hear California has very nice figs. Hope you find some in Washington.

    M. - I hope you find some. They keep nicely in the fridge unlike squash blossoms.

    Magda - With prosciutto...And goat cheese too!

    nancy - Your flatbread with figs, prosciutto, and gorgonzola sounds fantastic. We will enjoy until we get sick of them, I think. Happens every year :)

  17. I like reading about the adventures of Zara! The figs looks delicious!

  18. Yummy Figs! I think figs are made up of the most beautiful colors on the planet. You are so lucky they are already ready there! Just a few more weeks and we'll getting sticky fingers ourselves!

  19. Those figs look amazing. I go nuts when we get fresh figs here. One of my favorite recipes is strawberry and fig pie.

  20. these look amazing! i'll have to send the hubby to this weeks farmer's market to score us some!

  21. Denise - There's really nothing like it.

    alexandria - Zara is a character. :)

    Nicolette - Baltimore must be trapped in a nice fig bubble. I'm really surprised that there aren't more ripe figs out there.

    tiina - Strawberry and fig are great together. And pie...I love pie.

    Cocina Savant - I hope he finds figs. Everyone needs figs :)

  22. Those figs look amazing! Makes me sad I'll be away the next two weekends from the wonderful farmer's markets...

  23. lavienouveau - Thank you :)

    Charli - But just think about two weeks from now when the marketing will be bursting with tons of summer goodies.

  24. I've had many a fig preserve, but never straight fresh figs. These look tempting - I will have to look for them at our market.

  25. Omigod. The figs ARE here, indeed. I love them too! Gorgeous images. Hurray for summer!

  26. Yes! The figs are here. My tree is covered. Love it!

  27. there's nothing like figs and honey. disaster ensues...

  28. I need to get my hands on some fresh figs!!! I love that sticky-finger feeling. And fig jam... I am dreaming about making fig jam!

  29. laura - I would love to try fig preserves. I imagine it to be very sweet.

    redmenace - They are here! Still fighting the birds for 'em.

    Velva - I hope they don't all ripen at once :)

    The Salty Pear - Figs and honey and some sort of fromage.

    Katie - Fig jam on toast with coffee :)

  30. Yes! I love figs, they are like little golden gems in the summer :) Love the blog

  31. Where are you? Should I be worried? x

  32. Monday Through Friday: Thank you :) They are gems.

    Kath - I'm still here. Just taking a break. Thanks for checking in :)

  33. Thank goodness. I have got so used to you posting almost daily. Enjoy that well earned break.

  34. I see your beautiful photos of those figs and think of puff pastry fig tarts with Sambuca ice cream. Then, I think of how the figs on my tree outside are hard and small and green, and will be this way for a month or two more. Then I think of how lucky you are!

  35. kath - Thanks :)

    Julie - Puff pastry fig tarts...that really sounds wonderful. I hope you are eating figs soon :)


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