July 29, 2010

Market Zucchini & Hanging Squash Scramble


"This is tremendous." I say, taking another bite.


From: Roberto
RE: Wednesday
Or we could shred the zucchini on the box grater, and make a zucchini/egg hash... and not have any pasta. I don't need pasta every night. ;)

From: Tracy
RE: Wednesday
Ooh...excellent idea. Fodder for the next blog post :)


The lengths we go to for our eggs, milk, and sunday morning coffee.

Small cooler. Frozen blue ice blocks. Last weeks egg carton, cut in half.

"Just a dozen this week." I said.

"One dozen, large brown." Roberto said to the egg man.


"How does he yell like that all day." Roberto asks.

"I don't know, but it's got to annoy the egg and pickle people." I say.

Ugh...The sun, this heat, it's relentless.

Back at the car Roberto transfers the dozen large brown into the egg cartons we've brought from home. Next, stacking them in the cooler beside a now sweating bottle of ice cold whole homogenized. We nestle the blue ice just so.


"This might be too much." He said.

"Not once you squeeze out the water and cook it." I said.

Roberto places half the grated zucchini and squash (baby hanging squash from his parents garden) into a towel, squeezing out the excess water into the sink. He does this with the second half as well, before transferring to the pan where butter (now melted) and red onion (diced) wait.

"Can you check for salt." He asks.

"It could use a little." I take a second taste, just to be sure.

Roberto motions for me to add the salt while he cracks the eggs into a bowl. "A little cheese would be nice."

"You want me to grate some cheese?" I ask.

Roberto pours the beaten eggs into the pan and begins the gentle scramble. "That would be nice. Just a little." He says while folding and whirling with the rubber spatula.

I grate the parmesan, a small pile into a paper towel.

I chop the chives.

Roberto presses on with folding and whirling. He adds in the cheese. He adds in the chives.

Remarkably the eggs stay warm as I twirl around the pan with camera in hand.


"Do you like it?" I ask.

"It's good." He says.

We eat. It is kitchen quiet (except for an occasional hilarious quip from Arthur, Doug and Carrie).

This is so good. Mmmm.

"Do you like it?" I ask again.


  1. I never tire of the dance you and Roberto do in getting dinner on the table.
    These photos are the best!

  2. I want this for brunch one day soon. It looks and sounds so delightful!

  3. Lovely. :-) I really like the picture of the eggs - so warm and homey. :-)

  4. Shaving it on the box grater sounds so much better than slicing it. Love that idea.

  5. Who, may I ask, are Arthur, Doug and Carrie?

  6. Michele - :) The blog has kept us on our toes in the kitchen.

    elizabeth - It is perfect for those lazy sunday meals.

    Tart - They are rather homey. A new addition to our comfort meal repertoire :)

    Adrianna - It's wonderful. This way the zucchini just melts away into the eggs. Delicious.

    The girl behind the blog - And it smelled wonderful!

    Kath - Arthur, Doug and Carrie are characters on an American sitcom called "King of Queens". It's always on when we're making/eating dinner.

  7. I like it!
    great dish :)
    anything with squash and corn these days sounds amazing :)

  8. Ah I see, that explains it.

  9. I got a nice chuckle when you said the zucchini scramble was "fodder for the next blog post". I love that because I think of everything food-related in terms of blog posts now!

    Looks delicious and easy. My family would really like this dish.

  10. Ooooh, add a slice of bacon and you hav ethe best green eggs and ham ever! I have put zucchini in omelets but never shreeded it into a scramble, and I love the idea! I am trying this one ASAP.

  11. No pasta? Well. I don't know what to do with this information. I need to collect my thoughts... Just kidding. It looks great. It's been so long, I don't even recall the feeling of relentless heat. Enjoy your Sunday dinner dance.

  12. Beautiful and delicious. Zucchini, farm fresh eggs, and chives? Yes, please!

  13. "dinner dance"...sounds very familiar, it is something we do in our kitchen too. It starts with chit chats on what's in the fridge, what did we hear about recently, what are we craving and what did we have just recently (so to avoid)...then continues in the chopping, stirring, sauteing...and ends in conversations around the kitchen island enjoying our creations.
    I love how you "chronicle" your "dinner dance" :)

  14. M. - I am in full agreement :)

    Jen - We had scramble twice that week. It's addictive. Everything is fodder :)

    Katie - Yes, green eggs and ham! That's what we were calling it too :)

    Denise - I know, crazy, right?! :)

    Nicolette - Roberto didn't think it would be pretty, but in the end I think I convinced him :)

    Amelia - Thank you :) It's the best time of day, really. I look forward to the dinner dance every night.


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