August 02, 2010

Peach Galette


The weekend went by in a blink. Blink.

Our first batch of pesto, this summer. 75 cubes. Concentrated. Somehow, though, I feel like it's not enough. We only used a third of our crop. We're still eating last years pesto.


Laundry list (the short list):


Clean cabinets.



(insert peach galette)


Summer vacation

The peaches were always large. The skin always dark, often dented. Fuzzy. Fuzzy.

I never cleaned a peach. The fuzz would hit my tongue. I'd wince. The sweet juice would cleanse my taste buds, my eyes would brighten. Please make this peach last forever. One, maybe two. The point of the pit jabbing the roof of my mouth.


Laundry's done.

Yard's done.

Pesto's done.

Dinner of aglio e olio, caprese and baguette.

"We'll have to do the cabinets tomorrow." I said.


"Just a regular coffee today." I said.

"You want a pastry?" Roberto asked.

"I will if you are." I said.

"Yeah." He said, knodding.

"If they don't have any mini pan au chocolat, I'll have a mini croissant." I said, straining to see what was on display.

"Okay, why don't you grab a table." He said.

"Okay." I said.


The thought of pasta fagioli with northern beans and zucchini followed by tender rabbit (cooked with a little tomato and peppers—both green and red), and a salad of tomato, cucumber and basil kept my mind occupied as we crouched and reached, re-lined and wiped, organized and chucked out, the contents of our kitchen cabinets.

That's done.

"We should go over. Is it time to go over? I'm hungry. Let's go over." I said.


Zara ran to greet us at the door.


"I just dropped the pasta." She said.


  1. Denise - I should clarify...dropping the pasta means putting it on to boil :)

  2. That's a very different ending. Please allow me to change my oh no to an oh yes.

  3. As much as I love the taste of peaches—and in Greece we have *a lot* of peaches—I can't stand the fuzzy skin. I can't even touch it. My boyfriend has to always peel it for me :)

  4. Your weekend in food was just spectacular. I hope that Roberto's parents got to taste that peach galette at Sunday supper. It was simply gorgeous.

  5. magda - I can't stand the fuzz as an adult. I rinse them and often peel them. Sometimes, if I'm feeling brave I'll devour the skin as well. Not sure why I suffered so as a child :)

    Michele - Thank you :) I actually forgot to bring the galette to supper. We were so stuffed after all of the other food, we didn't even entertain a sweet...Until later, that is, when we both had one chocolate cruller each.

  6. Love the ending, Tracy! :-) You crack me up. :-) Love this post - so laid back and easy-going. It feels summery.

  7. Pizza was my reward yesterday for scouring the bathroom...but now all I can think of is that pasta e fagioli soup with ZUCCHINI. ::drools::

  8. Mmmm, the peach galette looks wonderful. So far this summer I've only had my peaches straight-up, but this is a great idea for when I'm motivated to actually do something with them!

  9. Tart - Thank you :)

    elizabeth - And I could always go for pizza :)

    Nancy - It was a great excuse for me to practice making a pie crust and I was also able to put a huge dent in our peach supply (which was still quite high up until this morning). I'm getting raw peached-out :)

  10. Oh summertime. I love it! And, fresh pesto from the garden? I'm so jealous. I have two scrawny basil plants that barely produce. You are very very lucky. Send me some cubes! xoxo

  11. Tracy, these photos are beautiful! The second photo of the peaches actually made me well up, so gorgesous!

  12. redmenace - :) I'm hoping that we make another batch that trumps last weekends batch soon.

    Lilly - Lilly, that is so sweet :)

  13. gorgeous gallete!!!
    I think I'll have to make my own,
    staring at these photos can only take so far...

  14. For one, the almost fuzzy photo of the fuzzy peaches on the soft towel tumbling down the page is PERFECT.

    For two, you are very funny---I am laughing, as I put up a dozen cans of tomatoes today, and not having eaten all of last years.......yet...

  15. A delicious looking galette! So irresistible!



  16. Swooning over that peach galette. And thinking there ought to be one in our future. Pronto. (Enjoy your vacation!)


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