October 10, 2010

Pink Lady Apple Cake



"Do you hear that familiar swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh?" I asked.

Hello old friend. My favorite chords.

Worn hem. Torn hem. Annihilated clasp and button dangling by a thread (but isn't that what safety pins are for?). Bleach stains (barely noticeable). You're sixth autum. Swoosh swoosh. Swoosh swoosh.


Ginger Gold's, Pink Lady's...

Pink Lady, I think.

Flour. Sugar. Apple. Cinnamon.

I think this might be the third. Let's see...

One (thumb).

Two (index).

Three (middle).


"You look like you're doing some serious math. You're going to run out of fingers." He said.


Every turn...Every click, there's an apple cake to be found. But my heart belongs to thee (this recipe), ultimately.


  1. I just went apple picking. Apple cake in on the horizon.

  2. It's apple season! What would we do without apple cakes? Since moving to Holland I have discovered the best apple pie... the Dutch know how to make a great pie, I can tell you that. A cake though sounds easier ;)

  3. Apple Cake is just divine. I like how you think!

  4. perfect season for apple cake!!!
    you always give me good ideas ;)

  5. Ah--apple cakes. I don't think I've ever had a pink lady apple. I've got to look for them.

  6. Pink Lady is one of my favorite apples. I'm so glad they are back in season. I wonder if I'll be lucky enough to find any when I go apple picking?

  7. Mmmmmm. My preferred apple is the McIntosh, but it would be fun to shock my mom/MIL with one of these the next time we visit.

    The wheels, they are turning...

  8. A good friend introduced me to the veritable Pink Lady last November---from a huge orchard in Pikeville Tennessee. Dee-vine! I need to schedule a little road trip for picking...

    sweet post, Tracy.
    Love the swoosh swoosh swoosh
    now, to check out your recipe...

  9. I very nearly made an apple cake the other day, but made a pie instead. I will have to make time for your apple cake though now.

  10. yum!!! I haven't mad an apple cake this fall,yet!
    but you just made me fell like I need to get on it, pronto!

  11. sorry,
    made of course not mad...although, it could be ;)

  12. I love Pink Lady apples, but I don't believe I've ever used them for baking. I must. Your cake looks scrumptious!

  13. OMG !
    i wanna eat that cake, NOW.
    Lovely photos also...


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