October 18, 2010

Savory Pumpkin Gratin


Mums have been planted. And leaves are falling. And falling. And falling.


I'm not so much for savory pumpkin. I like pumpkin pie.

However, I do like pumpkin soup.

And pumpkin bread. Warmed. Toasted, rather. Toasted with a bit of peanut butter.


To: Roberto
Subject: pumpkin
What's a girl gotta do to find some canned pumpkin? Good thing I have one can left. For my next trick, tiny pumpkin tarts.

To: Tracy
Subject: re:pumpkin
Everybody is buying canned pumpkin this time of year... if it was any other time, I'm sure you'd have no problem finding it.


But I didn't make tiny pumpkin tarts. Instead, Jacques Pepin's Pumpkin Gratin.


"I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home and bought three cans of pumpkin puree." I said.

"What are you going to do with all that pumpkin?" He asked.

"A pumpkin gratin. Pumpkin pies. Pumpkin soup. Pumpkin bread...Look..." I swung open the corner cabinet to reveal the cans.


Pumpkin pie every year. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Mom's pumpkin pie. Mom makes the BEST pumpkin pie. She always uses canned pumpkin, therefore I will always use canned pumpkin. Jacques uses canned pumpkin.


"What's in it?" He asked.

"Eggs. Cream. Gruyere. Pumpkin...You'll hardly taste any pumpkin at all." I said.

It rose, soufflé-like. After 15 minutes it fell soufflé-like. No matter. I never seek perfection (did I say that?), only charm.

I dipped a spoon straight into the pie dish and scooped. Light. Soufflé-like. Savory. "I like pumpkin pie better." I said.


I had noticed another scoop missing. A tiny scoop. A just-out-of-curiousity-I-don't-like-pumpkin-but-I'll-try-it-anyway-scoop.

"Did you try it?" I asked.

Roberto nodded yes. "I'm not a big fan of pumpkin." He said.


  1. I love the idea of a pumpkin gratin. Pumpkin and Gruyere sound like perfect companions and the colour of this lovely looking dish is pure autumn.

  2. Well, more for you then, right? I can't believe it's pumpkin time already.

  3. "I never seek perfection....only charm." Words to remember and live by.

  4. I was going to tell you to go to Whole Foods for your canned pumpkin, but I see you already discovered that solution! I've been hoarding canned pumpkin, so you buying three cans, no problem with that in my book!

  5. my favorite pumpkin dish is a pumpkin cheesecake...
    but I would go for a just-out-of-curiosity-spoon, too :)

  6. Sounds perfectly delicious to me! All the ingredients for a great Autumnal or Thanksgiving side dish.



  7. Julie - It felt like pure autumn making it.

    Jess - It's definitely pumpkin time. More for me, is right :)

    Wendi - I'll have to remember those words next time I lose it over a simple pie crust :)

    Beth - I actually thought of you when I was fretting over not finding pumpkin.

    M. - Pumpkin cheesecake...I just added it to my list :)

    Heather - It would be great alongside some turkey, now that you mention it. And I was actually hoping that it would turn into a signature holiday dish. I'll have to bake up another and test it out on mom...

  8. how cute that he would not admit liking him...I would be a bit like him. Admittedly not a fun of canned pumpkin anything but might sneak in a bite of your souffle' like gratin!!!

  9. Oh, you two crack me up. :-) I love savory pumpkin for some reason. Just found out my Aussie friends roast it with their roast chicken or roast beef! I like the looks of this gratin very much. :-)

  10. You are wise. Charm is so much more valuable than perfection.

  11. Such a delight to read this. Thank you for all the pumpkin ideas.

  12. You guys are hilarious! Whether you are a fan, or not, this gratin Looks spectacular. I gasped BIG when I clicked to your page and saw that perfect color of fall.

    I tend to make sweet pumpkin things and savory butternut squash things--but, in a way, they could be interchangeable.

    I once made pumpkin lunettes, with sage brown butter sauce...

  13. mmm I'm obsessing over pumpkins right now, and I just so happen to work at a pumpkin patch.

  14. I have never had a savoury pumpkin dish, but this sounds like a lovely inaugural try! Pumpkins are so vogue right now!!


  15. Pumpkin anything is all right with me--pumpkin pie, pumpkin mousse, pumpkin quick bread, pasta with pumpkin cream sauce. I find canned pumpkin puree to be a very good product. Stock up in case Roberto becomes a convert.

  16. Amelia - I was happy to see that he snuck a small scoop :)

    Tart - It does sound good roasted. Especially roasted with chicken.

    Denise - :)

    alexandria - I need more pumpkin ideas, though...

    nancy - You've given me an idea...Savory butternut gratin. I'll bet Roberto would eat that.

    MyLittlePhotographs - You are a lucky lady to be surrounded by pumpkins all day. The ultimate fall feeling.

    Bianca - Now I've got Madonna looping Vogue in my head...

    Michele - I would love for him to develop a taste for pumpkin pie. That would be a triumphant day :)

  17. We don't get pumpkin in a tin over here yet. In fact we didn't used to get pumpkins at all, when I was a kid we used to make jack o' lanterns out of swede (turnip), but maybe that was just us. Roberto not liking something - is this a first?

  18. I wished I liked pumpkin more, because anything with Gruyere would be totally up my alley. Alas, the Mr. hates the stuff (as in won't go near a pumpkin pie).

    It looks positively lovely.

  19. yummmmm pumpkin gratin. I've been using pumpkin butter on my toast all month! so good

  20. Oh poor Roberto! I've noticed people have fairly strong feelings about pumpkin, either hating or loving it. I'm with you in prefering pie but have a serious weakness for soup with ginger and coconut milk. Have yet to try pumpkin toast but I have a feeling that would be good for me, oh and this gratin as well. Love your photos.

  21. Kath - He likes most things, really. I will keep trying with the pumpkin. He might develop a taste one of these days...or not :)

    elizabeth - Your Mr. is just like Roberto, won't go near a pumpkin pie.

    strawberriesinparis - Pumpkin butter. I almost forgot!

    Vanessa - Coconut milk in pumpkin soup. Now that's something I have to try. Now you've got me wondering what coconut would be like in pumpkin pie :)

  22. this sounds fabulous. I think I will have to add it to my line-up of pumpkin dishes i must cook before fall is over.

    There is no canned pumpkin here either so I have to puree it all myself. Its a good thing I really love pumpkin :)

  23. Ooooh yum! How refreshing - everything I see that's made with pumpkin is sweet and desserty! This looks very creative and delicious!

  24. What a great idea: gratin. We just finished three pumpkin pies at our Canadian thanksgiving, between mum, aunt and I and there's still left over puree. Thanks for the post and link. Wonderful writing as always.

  25. Julie - I have to try a fresh pumpkin. It would be a shame to let the season go by without having tried it straight from the patch.

    Lindsay - It's also fast and easy :)

    The Salty Pear - Thanks :) Pumpkin pie overload. I love it!

  26. I think this is a fabulous idea. Unlike Roberto, I am a big fan of pumpkin. Huge. Looks wonderful!


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