December 05, 2010

Truffles and Chocolate Palms

Truffles and Chocolate Palms


I had not prepared myself.


"Truffles are messy." I said.

"Well, yeah." He said.

"Look at my palms." I lifted both palms up to Roberto's face.

"Don't get any chocolate on the floor." He said.

But I had already gotten chocolate on the floor.


It had been an easy endeavor. 1/2 cup boiling hot heavy cream poured over 1/2 pound finely chopped bittersweet chocolate. After a few minutes I whisked until smooth and transferred to a pan to chill.


"Have you eaten?" Roberto asked.

"No. Have you?" I asked.

"No. Do you want to try that place?" He asked.

That place, Vino Rosina.

"Yeah. This has to chill for a while before I can do anything." I said.

"Then after, do you want to drive up to that kitchen supply store?" He asked.

Music to my ears.

"We'll be like kids in a candy store." I said, hardly able to contain a smile.


I had three ramekins in waiting. Cocoa powder. Unsweetened coconut. Powdered sugar.

Candy foils would soon be filled.

One quick roll between my palms. A plop into the ramekin of choice. And a spin, resulting in centrifugal truffle coating magic.


"Should we try one now?" I asked.

Roberto picked up a coconut coated truffle. I opted for powdered sugar.

"It's good." He said, after one bite.

"They are good." I said.

I had no idea they were this easy.


  1. I love love love truffles. I don't care how messy they are, I still want to make them and, of course, eat them!
    They look wonderful Tracy.

  2. That is exactly the reason I love making truffles: chocolate hands to lick clean! I hadn't planned on making any for Christmas this year, but you might've swayed me otherwise.

    Cheers (and thanks!),


  3. Someone was telling me yesterday about making truffles and how great it was so now I have to try. I'm really messy though so chocolate will be everywhere. Roberto sounds like a great guy, suggesting lunch and then a kitchen supply store. Gosh that sounds like fun.

  4. I want to get onto your gift list if you're making truffles for the holidays. Which kitchen supply store and what did you think of their merchandise?

  5. easy, but no avoiding the chocolate palms--that's part of their charm.
    I have a friend who has unusually low body temperature who would sometimes be my truffle roller---her hands remained pristine!

    Your truffles look spectacular, so festive too. They will be well enjoyed throughout the holidays.

  6. Oh, it's 10am on Monday morning and you are tempting me with these! How delicious.

  7. Yum, yum, yum! Is this not the best time of year?!

  8. Magda - Thank you :)

    squirrelbread - I hope I've swayed you!

    Vanessa - It was one of those unplanned days that turned out remarkably well :)

    Wendi - It's called Kitchen and Company and it's located at the Festival at Bel Air up in Harford County. It's packed with all kinds of goodies.

    nancy - Chocolate palms are all charm :)

    Kath - Great with coffee on a cold morning :)

    Nicole - It is the best time of year!

  9. I LOVE truffles, and these look sublime.

  10. I am drooling! Give a really good glass of red zinfandel and few of these treats and the stars would align. Beautiful.

    Happy holidays to you.

  11. These little friends look divine! And chocolate palms are just another great excuse to eat more chocolate. It would be such a waste to wash it all away with soap... ;-)

  12. Truffles are popping up all over the interwebs these days! I guess that's my cue to get rolling...

  13. Michele - I'm itching to try peanut butter truffles next...

    Velva - Wine and truffles. Yes, that would be nice. Happy Holidays to you as well!

    Karen - I agree. I couldn't wash my hands without first tasting :)

    Jess - It's funny how things pop on the web :)

  14. Oh boy, Mina just caught me sighing while I was looking at your truffles. What I was think was this, my mother only ever asks that I bring her chocolate for a present. Until I saw your photos, I was thinking of copping out and buying a box from a fancy chocolatier. But now, you've inspired me, shown me that it would be ridiculous to do anything but role up my sleeves and make truffles for mom.

  15. Delicious! We have a family friend who owns a catering business and makes truffles every Christmas to give to her close friends. That box of truffles from her is one of my highlights of the season! :) Maybe now I I'll be inspired to try them on my own.

  16. Tracy, this is just cruel. Can I have these now, please?! I'll take the ones with the cocoa... delish!

  17. and flowers pick themselves - Thank you :)

    The Salty Pear - Oh, I hope you roll up your sleeves. They're worth it :)

    Lindsay - Please, try. I can't wait to make the next batch. They do inspire!

    Nicolette - I ate the last cocoa one last night ;)

  18. They look so pretty...maybe I'll have to try them on a particularly lousy day and I need some cheering up. :)

  19. I just might have to give this a try. Maybe Chris will invite me to try a new restaurant and visit a kitchen supply store.

  20. elizabeth - Perhaps as a preventive measure you should make them on a particularly nice day :)

    Denise - Actually, this is the kind of day I would imagine you and your husband have experienced many times over :)

  21. Well, yes, there have been some similar types of days, but I'm always game for more : )

  22. Your truffles look great. Love the variation you chose. I just made some almond ones (almond flavoring in the ganache + toasted/chopped almonds coating) and some mint truffles (mint oil in ganache + finely chopped European milk chocolate coating). Yum!

    First time here. Will definitely be back :o) Please feel free to check out my blog.


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