January 03, 2011

Comfort in Repetition

Comfort in Repetition




I am hooked. It has been this way for quite some time.

The spray of oil as my fingernail punctures the dappled orange skin. A peel. A pile. Strands of pith. Segments made for sharing.

While the water boils and the sauce reheats, I pull two orbs from the bowl. So small, they fit within one delicate grasp.

Two less. At this rate the bowl will be empty by mid-week. A conservative estimate.




Another iteration.

"I used chicken stock and red wine." I said.

It dressed the penne rigate nicely.

I couldn't taste the difference.


12 minute eggs


The water boiled for just a minute before I pulled the pan from the heat. Covered, the eggs rested for 12 minutes.

I wondered if I was making too much noise. Too much kitchen noise, as I shoveled ice into a bowl and placed it into the sink.




It's not like the old camera. I will have to learn all over again.


  1. Hi Tracy---happy 2011, may it be filled with comfortable repetitions and brand new techniques and flavors!

    regarding clementines: I am There, too. pointless to consider how many we've eaten in the past month.

  2. Enjoy learning and seeing a little differently with your new camera. By the way, I have a satsuma crush very similar to your clementine.

  3. Best wishes for twenty-eleven! There's something about sink photos I love, who knows what...

  4. Magda – Happy New Year! :)

    nancy - That is a wonderful wish for the new year. I think I'll probably eat my weight in clementines this winter :)

    Denise – "seeing a little differently" I like that. I thought of that as I was shooting random photos last night before dinner :) I had to look up satsuma on Wikipedia. It looks to be very similar to the clementine. It's nice to have such crushes.

    The Salty Pear – And to you as well! Sink photos do have a certain charm :)

  5. Love the random photos of your kitchen life. Happy New Year,Tracy.

  6. Hi Tracy,
    Happy New Year!
    I am a clementine addict too; my consumption record is a box in under 48 hours. But we need our vitamin C this time of year, don't we? :)

  7. Michele - We have a very random, yet repetitive, kitchen life :) Happy New Year to you as well!

    Nancy - You're my hero :) Happy New Year!

  8. Buo anno Tracy!
    repetition - when we know what's coming next - is what makes us feel safe, secure, even loved... Having children I know this very well.
    I have missed visiting your blog over the past month or so, glad I now placed the RSSs on my google ig home page, so I will not miss any more of these day-brightening, comforting, adorable posts!
    And my "blog resolution" for this year is to include more daily thoughts in my posts. You inspire me :)
    Amelia from Z Tasty Life

  9. Amelia - Thank you so much for such a sweet comment :) Happy 2011!


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