January 05, 2011

Subject: Tuesday

Subject: Tuesday


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


To: Roberto
I have an idea for dinner. While you make an egg scramble with potatoes, I'll whip up a batch of Parmesan-Black Pepper Scones (the resulting scone is round—looks like a biscuit). They're made with cream.

To: Tracy
RE: Tuesday
Okay...that sounds good.


Hustle and Bustle


The sheet pan, lined with parchment, held eight squat rounds of dough brushed with heavy cream and finished with cracked black pepper.

"How many eggs do you think we should use?" He asked.

I pondered. "Five?"

I carefully opened the oven door, slid the pan inside, and dialed up 20 minutes.

I would have to turn my back and give full attention to a salad while Roberto peeled and chopped in preparation for the scramble.

"Do we have any parsley?" He asked.

"A little bit. I was going to buy a bunch today, but it looked so anemic at the store." I pulled what little bit of parsley left, from the refrigerator, and set it on the counter. "Use it up." I said.


Are you ready?


"I was born ready." He said.

"How many eggs did you use?" I asked.

"Six." He said.

I took a bite of the scramble and sunk into my plate. Happy. Sated. "This is so good."

I took a bite from a biscuit. Happy. Sated. "It tastes like Goldfish." I chewed. I swallowed. I took a second bite. "You know, those little orange, goldfish-shaped crackers. It tastes just like that."

"It does. A little." Roberto conceded.




"I'm getting full." He said.

I pushed my chair back from the table, slightly. "Me too."

"How many did you make?" He asked.

"Eight." I said.

"How many did we eat?" He asked.

"Six." I said


  1. Eggs for dinner - yum :) And made even better, I'm sure, with some parmesan-y scones - they look quite delectable!

  2. Haha! Goldfish biscuits - love it! They are much more beautiful than goldfish crackers. And I must say, eggs for dinner is my favorite. Yum!

  3. Crikey, I am glad you explained that there are biscuits called Goldfish, I thought you had gone all Ozzy Osbourne on us! Those scones sound delicious.

  4. Ah back to normal. E-mailing each other about what to cook, cooking together, and eating great food. Those biscuits look delicious.

  5. Sounds amazing! I would love to try a Black Pepper Parmesan Scone - YUM:)

  6. I want scones that taste like Goldfish! I used to be on-site at Pepperidge Farm four days a week so I got to eat a lot of those little guys.

    I'm continually so impressed with you joint-cooking/baking during the week. M has to handle 97% of the work normally because he has a 5 minute walk to work whereas I travel up to two hours each way on bad days, but it would be nice to cook with him during the week more often.

  7. Nancy - They're very savory—the parmesan makes it :)

    Katie – Eggs are a huge staple in our house.

    Kath – You crack me up!

    Michele – We finished them off last night. I'm looking forward to the next biscuit experiment.

    Stephanie – They're really easy to pull together.

    elizabeth – We commute the same direction every day. It helps. You and M do a good amount of cooking together—I'm always impressed :)

  8. Here's to full bellies!! Pure yum.

  9. here's to another wonderful year of you too together... cooking together ...emailing... talking ... living life wonderfully!

  10. Parmesan-Black Pepper Scones, yes, but Goldfish Scones, well, I'm not so sure. Like Goldfish, but in a good way?

  11. You have the right touch with biscuits and scones---these look tremendous---tall and light and flaky. (we love breakfast for dinner) Looking forward to your next experiment...

  12. Nicole - We love full bellies :)

    Amelia - Yes, we're looking forward to it :)

    Denise - Indifferent way...Not quite sure I'll be cracking the black pepper, but the parmesan will likely stay in.

    nancy - I think it's my lack of touch. I fear overworking the dough so much that I barely handle it at all.


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