March 07, 2011

The Cheese Baskets

The Cheese Baskets




A list that is both short and sweet.

Raw milk
Apple pie

The Amish make good pies. And we'll buy raw milk to make cheese.




"We need to use these baskets." I said.

I contemplated moving the nesting baskets from their current home (hidden high inside a mixing bowl above the stove) to someplace visible. But where?

So many things we need to do (want to do). We need to clean the windows. We need to wipe down the ceiling fans. We need to make bread (ciabatta). We need to make cheese.

Our first and last experiment was a disappointment. We strained a bit too much. The cheese was a bit too dry.

So, we need to try again.

We need to make cheese.


  1. Making cheese is on my list too, Tracy! :-) I've made mozzarella and paneer but that's it. I'm dying to try chevre and Camembert and feta. :-)

  2. These photos are beautiful Tracy, such poetry in ordinary objects. I'm sure you'll get there in the end and what a wonderful idea to make your own cheese.

  3. Fantastic, I would love to make cheese. I am not so keen on cleaning windows or ceiling fans though.

  4. Mmm... Fresh cheese sounds so comforting during these grey days. Maybe on that freshly baked bread with some honey?


    Have fun cooking away- I'm excited to hear how it turns out :)

  5. That's some ambition right there! I'm so impressed. Go for it, and let us know.

  6. Well, making cheese is never easy the first time, right? If you really want to make a good one, then giving up is not an option for you. But I have to admit, these photos looks nice.


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