March 04, 2011

Linguine with Black Pepper and Parsley

Linguine with Black Pepper and Parsley


What kind of pasta do you want?


"Big." I said.

Nine and half ounces had been weighed out. No wonder we have so many opened boxes that ultimately need to be mixed. But, some nights (most nights) eight ounces just won't do. It just won't do.

"Is it enough?" Roberto asked.

"I guess." I said. A bit unsure. Weary from hunger. Weary. I'm always starving to death and weary.


Days go by...


Sunday: Linguine with Pesto

Monday: Linguine with Aglio e Olio

Tuesday: Farfalle and Fusilli (a mix of opened boxes) with red sauce, chickpeas and a bit of cream

Wednesday: Farfalle and Conchiglie rigate (a mix of opened boxes) with red sauce, shrimp (and a bit of cream?)

Thursday: Fettucine with black pepper and parsley (loads of black pepper and parsley)

"This would have been good with a bit of cream." I said.




"Excuse me." I said.

"That was a big one." He said.

"That was a pepper sneeze." I said.


  1. You leave me wanting a bowl of pasta for breakfast.

  2. Pasta on Fridays is the ultimate treate to my mind. I normally eat it every day too and know the problem of the opened boxes of all different sorts. Have a great weekend.


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