March 24, 2011

Old Pear

Old Pear


It's ripe, but it's not sweet.


The innkeeper brought us grilled pear with honey and a sprig of mint. The pear was not ripe.

I rubbed the sprig of mint between my fingers to ignite the oils. The scent was exactly as I had remembered it.

I don't like pears with honey, I had said.

It's odd that they would bring this out first, he had said.

Despite not liking the marriage of flavors, I had no choice but to finish my pear with honey. A bruised sprig of mint was all that was left.

The innkeeper took our plates and asked, How was it?

Delicious, I said.


  1. I love the second shot here, it has the quality of making that little pear look like a grumpy old man. And for the record, I don't really like pears with honey either, unless they are baked together in a nice fall cake, but that's a different story.

  2. I saw a person in that pear too.
    You were kind to compliment the dish even though it was disappointing at best...


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