August 03, 2011

A Container of Cannellini Beans

A Container of Cannellini Beans


Farfalle with Garden Tomato and Cannellini Beans


I was greeted at the door by a container of cannellini beans, still warm.

"My mother made two pounds." He said.


For a while I feel transported. Traveling thousands of miles with just one forkful.

There are conversations taking place all around me, but I cannot understand every word. What I do understand is a nod. A smile. A kiss on the cheek—or two. Accepting that eating more than my stomach allows is not only customary, but remarkably easy under the circumstances.

And so the soul expands, digesting not only the nutrition, but the tradition.

When I deposit myself into the seat and take that first sip of wine, I've become a part of the fabric that covers a table set for as many as there are chairs to sit and food to eat.

100% linen, passed down. Scrubbed at waters edge and dried in the sun for generations far too great to count. And so my muscles relax and my skin suddenly smells of wild fennel and olive.

I motion to get up, to offer my assistance. It is welcomed, but not necessary.

I look down at my plate and see that there is more. Had I not just cleaned it?

I lift my fork once again and take another bite. I open my eyes.

"Is that all of it?" I ask.

"That's all of it." He replies.


  1. lovely lovely images in this piece. wonderful writing. I'm there.

  2. i want to hug this post. so warm and lovely and beautiful. it looks delicious!

  3. Awesome travel. I think you're the queen of pasta.

  4. I wish I had someone making me cannellini beans!

    I love beans, but I rarely have time to cook them except on the weekends, and I get distracted far too often. It's been a few weeks now since I've had any - far too long.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your writing style, very captivating. The pasta looks wonderful!

  6. nancy - thank you :)

    Pear - I'm all smiles...

    Nicole - Again, I'm all smiles...

    margie - I hope you make some beans soon. Make more than you need and make someone else happy with a container :)

    Faith - Thank you, Faith. And thanks for dropping by :)

  7. This post is full of warmth and goodness and I feel better already. You perfectly capture the comforting nature of good food, the way it links us with others without any words necessary and the emotions it stirs up. I think a pasta dinner would do me good tonight.

  8. It seems you've gotten pretty lucky in the mother-in-law department...

  9. What a beautiful post in every way. Your writing gets better and better.

    I have called by from time to time, but my goulash has made it pretty hard to be part of this world. I've missed it though. It sounds like you are eating well too. I never doubted it. I like the look of this pasta - I'm wondering what the green specks are? Rome is unbelievably Hot and I am eating rather too much watermelon and ice cream. I think I need to send you an E mail. Now I need to read back over some of the things I've missed.


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