August 10, 2011

Zucchini Bread


And it tastes even better with peanut butter.


A Sleeping Oven Wakes


Just shy of one month, I wondered—worried—if it would work. I put my hand on it's face. Not quite ice cold, but cold all the same.

I pushed the on button, the time display flashed, and a temperature emerged. 350 degrees.

That's a good sign.

I pushed out a sigh of relief.


To Wonder, To Wander


This will make good use of the three leftover zucchini.

I pulled out the box grater and pushed the first zucchini over the grates. I looked at my thumbs. I have my mother's thumbs. Her knuckles too.

My aggressive attempt to grate gave me cause to worry and pause. Whatever you do, do not grate your fingers.

I could already see myself cursing. Running to the bathroom. Running my fingers under the water. Retrieving the perfect size bandaid(s).

As the zucchini shrank, my awareness expanded. One down. Two to go.

So far, so good.


To Remember It


One and one quarters cups all-purpose flour.

One teaspoon baking soda.

One teaspoon baking powder.

One half teaspoon salt.

One quarter teaspoon cinnamon.

Three quarter cups sugar.

Two large eggs.

One teaspoon—or was it one half teaspoon?—vanilla.

One half cup olive oil.

Two cups grated zucchini with excess moisture squeezed out (I could have used Roberto for that).

350 degrees for 45 minutes...


  1. such nice light in that first image, and a new cloth !?!
    I've got a couple of those hunkin' zukes in my fridge, candidates for such a bread. Amazing amount of water in them. Just when you think you've squeezed enough out...

  2. Peanut butter on zucchini bread. Of course! Such an obviously good choice, yet it has never crossed my mind. Thank you.


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