August 16, 2011

Summer—But Not All At Once

Summer—But Not All At Once


Grandfather (right), grinning next to the crab pot.


Grandmother and grandfather (left), dresses and ties out on the bay (Chesapeake).


Me, squinting and getting a sunburn.


Maryland Crab Cakes


It was immediate. A meditation on Summer followed.

The blueberry hit my tongue and there it was. I was tasting Summer. Sweet. Sour. Musky.

I sat their quietly. It didn't take long before I could feel the dampness of the earth beneath my seat. Fresh grass clippings caught between my fingers. Leaves rustling overhead.

My hair smelling of chlorine. My shoulders flaking with sunburn.

The memories start to flood like crabs trying to escape the crab pot.


  1. Beautiful description. I love such moments.

  2. A smell, a taste, a feeling--that's all it takes for memories to come flooding back. Very nice.

  3. Thank you, thank you for sharing these photos and memories. I had the same halter top, except mine was green. Your words sparked all kinds of happy thoughts and feelings although sadly there were no crab traps or crab cakes in my childhood.

  4. Denise - Thanks, Denise.

    Michele - And I didn't really grow up eating blueberries—so it was quite a wonder that they pulled out such summer thoughts.

    Julie - :) I'm glad it brought back happy thoughts for you as well.

  5. I love these photographs; somehow we all have photographs like these tucked away, with picnics and grandparents and sunburned faces, and time seemed, well, different. slower. easier? at least that's a trick of memory.

    nothing like food to catapult you to those long-ago summers. sweet post. and good lookin' cakes!

  6. Wonderful photos, such elegance on that boat! and I love the nut bread post above too. That sounds really delicious.


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