November 17, 2011

Last Friday and Giving Thanks


I was caught off guard by the light.


Last Friday


A thought occurred to me. Get your camera.

The light was neither perfect or imperfect. It was fleeting.

I would suspend my task (spicy sardine sauce) for the moment.


Giving Thanks


I keep typing and deleting. The weight of the words aren't matching the full breath of what I'm feeling.

You stop by. You read. You comment. You take a moment. For me. For this blog.

Thank you.


  1. The thing I love most about your blog (and there are lots of things) is the lack of need for words, your photos often say it all, (or say a bit and the rest can be filled in with a bit of imagination), but those words you do say are so very wonderful.

  2. Thank you for being part of this community and for being authentically you, not what you think people want you to be, on your blog.

  3. i wish i knew how to capture the moment, while it's happening, with a photo, a simple line of automatic you do. THANK YOU!

  4. P.s. I would love to subscribe to your blog by email (i don't like readers)... is there a way?

  5. mmmm.... spicy sardine sauce... this must be good!

  6. Kath - I try to keep things simple. I appreciate your kind words. They mean a lot :)

    Wendi - You inspire me. Talk about authentic! :)

    Amelia - I feel like that's when things are at their best for me, when they're not planned. I've been pretty low-tech here, but I'll see what I can find out about subscriptions by email. Thanks for bringing that to my attention :)

    elisabelle - It was delicious. I realized some are turned off by tinned fish, but we simply love the stuff :)

    Denise - I knew you would :)

  7. What a sweet post. I would like to thank you, for the daily dose of beauty (both words and images) and inspiration.

  8. Amelia - I just added a "Follow by Email" option. Easier than I thought. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Julie - You are sweet. Thank you for being part of this community :)

    Michele - Right back at you :)

  9. This blog is an oasis for me. I tend to get anxious. Reading this blog feels like taking a deep, calming breath.

    So . . . no, no, thank you.

  10. Tracy: I am listening to that simple self too, more and more.
    for email subscriptions -> I am not very high tech myself... but I use feedburner (I feel like many of my friends prefer the email version)

  11. It's an important part of my time. I'm so glad I can subscribe to you now! Thank YOU

  12. Brie - :) Thank you so much for that. It's a place were I can take deep, calming breaths as well.

    Amelia - I just added a "Follow by Email" option. Easier than I thought. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Nicole - I wish I had thought to put the subscribe by email sooner. Thank you for checking in—I'm so glad you found my blog :)

  13. My pleasure. You are welcome. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Roberto.


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