November 16, 2011

Soup and Foraging


The recipe called for pearl barley and, the exotic, dried mushrooms.

Alas, our pantry was void of those staples.

No bother. The sachet would not suffer (too much). I stuffed it with the bulk of what was required. Coriander. Fennel. Parsley. Sage. Black peppercorns. Sans the thyme. No thyme. There was just no thyme.

Leek. Carrot. Turnip. Cultivated (cremini) mushrooms. Onion. Celery.

!Whir!—goes the blender.

I've wondered what we'll do with the remaining turnips and leeks. Perhaps a winter—excuse me—perhaps a FALL gratin. Just thinking inner, here.


Soup for Dinner, Soup for Lunch


I left just enough soup in the pot to boil 1/2 pound of tubetti. Our Saturday supper.

More pasta than soup would fill Roberto's bowl. More soup than pasta would fill my bowl. Balance.

And three full jars leftover for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lunch.

I sprinkled parsley into each. With the soup still warm it would slowly steep and sink.




I've reached the third day of soup for lunch. Day three.

While I sip, I forage for a smile, a bit of inspiration and soup for next week.


  1. soup is never a bad idea.. especially in winter, err, fall. ;)

  2. I love soup...and when it's packed up in mason jars? Extra cute! There's always time for soup :)

  3. Kristy Lynn - You are so right. I miss not having soup today...

    kickpleat - You just gave me an idea for Christmas :)

  4. Hm, soup in jars instead of tupperware. Such a great idea...

  5. laura k – I started using the mason jars because I didn't like the idea of heating up plastic in the microwave at work and it looks very Laura Ingalls Wilder to me :)


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