November 09, 2011

Preparing for Supper, Wednesday




I feel relieved. The spinach is washed (3 times over) and the potatoes have been cleaned and quartered.

Branzino with a sauté of market spinach and Lidia's recipe for Roasted Potato Wedges (Spicchi di Patate Arroste).


Thinking While Doing


I was halfway through cooking Tomato-Braised Cauliflower (Cavolfiore Affogato al Pomodoro) when I decided to close Lidia's Italian Table. Huh...that looks good too. Roasted potato wedges.

I scanned the recipe. Idaho (baking) potatoes. Extra virgin olive oil. Salt. Fresh rosemary or thyme leaves. Garlic. Italian parsley. Black Pepper.

The only thing keeping me from jumping over to Lidia's directives on page 223 where the potatoes (lack thereof).

Thank goodness a trip to the grocery was imminent.

I closed the book. Would I remember? Page 223. Of course.


Beans and Greens


To: Roberto
From: Tracy
Subject: Beans and Greens

Your mother just left a voicemail on my phone. She said she cooked up a bunch of beans (Roman) and cabbage and for us to stop over and pick some up when we get home. She said to bring over a pot.

I guess we don't have to cook the spinach and potatoes now. Maybe we can do that tomorrow night with the fish.

We can do like we did the other week when we ate eggs with a big bowl of minestra.


Our plan for roasted potatoes and spinach with eggs (supper, Tuesday) had been foiled. Foiled by beans and greens.


What's Left to Mise


All I can think of now is what's left to prep (to mise). Garlic. Rosemary. Parsley. Lemon. White wine. Butter. Extra virgin olive oil. Salt. Pepper. I'm missing something...


  1. leeks? an onion?
    I think you have it covered.

  2. nancy - We did. Fully covered :)

  3. I need to know how on earth you keep your sink so clean. I'm always amazed when I see it in photos. Are you a very meticulous person? Or is it Roberto?

  4. Nicole - We run a tight ship :) Actually, we're both pretty meticulous.


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