December 09, 2011

Eggs Over Fork Mashed Ceci


Other than eggs over something, I had no plan, really.

I coated a small pan with extra virgin olive oil and while it warmed over a low flame I retrieved the ceci.

It looked sad and cold, sitting in the container. I knew it would cool the pan immediately, but there would be a moment when my hand wouldn't be affected by the heat. A moment I'd be able to mash the ceci with a fork. Some, anyway. Texture.

I rinsed the bowl and brought it back to the stove. I cracked two eggs into the bowl. I mashed the ceci with a fork. I salted and peppered. I flicked the pan, flipping the ceci.

It sizzled. Crackled. Browned.

And then I poured the eggs into the pan. Right on top. They spread and settled. Salt. Pepper. Lid. Wait.

Steam and sizzle.

When the eggs had set, I turned off the flame.

I slid the concoction into a bowl and placed it at my spot at the table. A napkin. A fork. A glass of water.

I cut into the eggs over fork mashed ceci. It was firm and almost in need of a knife. For the ceci had latched onto egg and crisped to a perfect golden.

I knew there would be a crunch and, a nutty, savory, eggy finish. There was.

It hadn't looked like much, but it had exceeded all my expectations.


  1. Ooh, a lovely new banner and a recipe for supper tonight - thank you! The way you describe cooking is pure poetry; I'd never thought of food sitting there sad and cold or about the different noises and textures. Man, I love fried eggs.

  2. Could you contact me via e mail diningdish at I see no where to send you an e.

  3. I love the surprises that cooking brings. Your photos also reminds me that I wish to learn new ways to cook eggs.

  4. It looks beautiful, actually. You really captured the comforting nature of food for a cool wintery day. I want it now! xo

  5. Tracy: this recipe is a poem... i am as attracted to the (delicious) dish as much as to the words

  6. Michele - Eggs :)

    Emily Vanessa - You are kind. Eggs are a staple in our house.

    alexandria - There are so many ways...ways we've yet to explore.

    Denise - I always default to eggs whenever I want simple and delicious.

    redmenace - Thank you :)

    amelia - You are sweet, Amelia. Thank you :)


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