December 11, 2011

A Different Sunday


When he woke up well, I was happy.

It was supposed to be a day of homemade chicken noodle soup and rest. Tissues. Tea.

So, with a second wind, I came downstairs and prepared for breakfast. Oranges. I'd warm up scones. We'd make coffee.

Planning things in my head. Looking forward to the morning shuffle under morning light and that sleepy quiet that cushions the city on a Sunday.

But, before all of that, we had to get some provisions.

I retrieved our knit hats. The reusable bags. We made our way to the market.

Three dozen eggs. Four loaves of bread. Garlic. Ravioli from the pasta man. That was all. And, a pound of coffee. That was all.

Back at the car, he asked if I wanted to get a coffee.


It had been forever and a day since we'd gone to the coffee shop. Forever and a day.

I thought about the oranges that were sitting on the counter ready to be wedged. I thought about the scones and the coffee yet to be brewed.

Then I thought about chocolate croissants and coffee at the coffee shop. A nice change of pace.


  1. love the new banner and these photos.

  2. I like your Sunday. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. What a wonderful Sunday and what stunning photos. Like a Flemish painting. It's funny you had oranges because yesterday I made orangettes for the first time ever and my flat smelled delicious. Going to the coffee shop is always good.

  4. Love those unexpected moments where the plans change in the most perfect of ways.

  5. i wanted to hug those oranges, ... and you too!

  6. I think I need a little spontaneity today. Feeling all too routine, even despite an unplanned bout of biscotti baking...
    3 dozen eggs! I should really follow your lead and stock up, instead of going to the store every waking day!
    Curious about the 4 loaves of bread.

  7. Chocolate croissants and coffee at the coffee shop sounds perfect.

  8. Nicole - two dozen eggs and 2 loaves were for us. One dozen eggs and 2 loaves were for R's parents. We usually stock up on bread, though. It's hard to get really good bread here, so we have to wait until market day or trips to NY to visit family. You should have seen us lugging home 12 loaves of bread from a Brooklyn bakery last time we were in town...

  9. such stillness in these photos--love them.
    thanks for sharing your Sunday change of pace.


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