December 14, 2011

Milk Bread


Thinking Too Much


The bright red from the inside cover. It's the last thing I look at before sleep. Could it be? Pantone 032? And, the cover. Reflex Blue and Pantone 032? Perhaps.

I think too much.

But then I thought about The Joy of Cooking. Could it be? Reflex Blue and Pantone 032? Again?

Stop thinking about Pantones, I thought.

I thought about how those two colors, specifically, were very popular in the early days of the 21st century. In my job.

I think too much.

The print coordinator always needed, rather, the printer always needed a few extra days for Reflex Blue. It takes longer to dry for some reason.


Milk Bread


I thought about the milk bread. How I had sliced it and placed it into the freezer for future use. French toast use.

It tastes like a biscuit, he had said.

It does. It's biscuit bread, I had said.

Milk bread is biscuit bread. It will make for a very nice french toast. We agreed.

Roberto remarked on the crust. How it wasn't as dark as the cinnamon loaf.

I explained that milk bread (biscuit bread), required a butter wash. I had used an egg wash on the cinnamon bread. It was beautiful. Glossy and deep brown.

It's the same recipe used for the cinnamon bread from The Joy of Cooking, I had explained.

He looked vexed.

They do that. For the cinnamon bread recipe, they'll say 'See Milk Bread Recipe' and then they'll modify it with additional instructions for cinnamon bread, I had explained further.

He looked satisfied with the explanation, enlightened.

You can't go wrong with Joy, I said.




So, did you mail off the Christmas cards yet? He asked.

Not yet...


  1. Just lovely. You can tell where my head is, though.
    In your post featuring bread,instead of me reading "Pantone" my brain was saying "panettone".

  2. I'm with Michele, thinking of panettone as well! Love these photos Tracy, the first one is especially beautiful. You've made me want to make milk bread and get my hands on the Joy of Cooking. Oh and I also saw you're reading a Tove Jansson book I didn't know - gotta have that too.

  3. Hmmm, I've never read a Tove Jansson book. You've got me intrigued. :-)

  4. That milk bread looks as lovable as a baby.
    Did I mention I think too much too?

  5. Michele - Now I'm reading it as panettone, too :)

    Emily Vanessa - I'm becoming a quick fan of Tove. I love her writing style.

    Tart - Check out The Summer Book...

    pierre - :)

    Nicole - That made me laugh :)


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