December 19, 2011



A Christmas decoration.

I forgot I had started to knit that. Was it knit two, purl two?

Finally, a descent bag of clementines. Cuties are not made for kids.

A case of pasta, because (fill in the blank).

Three small banana breads.

And, being mesmerized by wild turkey's hatching.


  1. I'm so excited for a new book. Thank you! xo

  2. Did I tell you I watched My Life as a Turkey? Thank you for telling me about it. And you are knitting again. What is it this time? I'm attempting some fingerless gloves. I'm close to completing them, but I need to return to the knitting shop, again. Knitting patterns are not made for the uninitiated. Luckily the owner of the shop is quite kind and doesn't mind helping me out.

  3. Something tells me you two will go through that pasta in no time.

  4. Kristy Lynn - "because we're running desperately low" :)

    redmenace - I hope I have the same luck when I pick my next read.

    Denise - I'm glad you watched. You're welcome :) I keep starting and stopping, frogging, project after project. Not a good year for knitting for me. I started a hat last night and close to the end I messed it all up. I need to either throw in the needles or stick with knitting scarves.

    Michele - You got that right, Michele.

  5. I've knit almost all scarves. I knit a hat once, with a little help from the ladies at the library knitting group. You know where I am with the gloves... People think I'm crazy, but I do still like making scarves. And it should be fun, not a chore, right?

  6. Denise - I think I'd be happy knitting only scarves. I've been praised for the neatness of my edges. If they only knew how long it took to get the desired affect. You are right, it shouldn't be a chore.


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