February 22, 2012

Today is Wednesday

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It promises to be in the low 60's today. A vexing temperature. A strange winter.

And I hesitate to start. To power up. To connect. I would much rather take a walk. A very long walk. In a light jacket. On a quiet street. Filling my lungs with air. Deep, satisfying breathes.

If time permits, I'll bake another loaf. It was very good. It delivered on all that it promised. As did Down the Garden Path and that lovely bunch of flaming purple flowers stretching their necks towards spring.

This reflection slows me. I will keep my endeavors within reach.


  1. I love the way you saw these flowers, beautiful perspective.

  2. One of those glorious flowers seems to be looking longingly out of the window... A light jacket and a long walk on a quiet street sounds just perfect. Hope your Wednesday was a good one.

  3. Beautiful photo the third one, Tracy. Love the color of those flowers.


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