September 17, 2012

That happen


We should have prepared ourselves with a light jacket, but we did not. We walked around the market and through the chill, distracted by things on a list.

Back home we brewed coffee and split a chocolate muffin in two. I quartered an apple—a disappointing apple—from the market. We reminisced about market apples from last year. The nicest apples—the kind that turn a non apple lover into a most devoted fan.

After fortifying ourselves we took leave of the house for a walk around the park. The sun climbing ever higher. Our skin absorbing the shock from a light wind. We ascended East Baltimore and headed South on Patterson, cutting through the park on our descent.


  1. I love the perspective of this photo.
    More than a light jacket needed here at the moment. Summer never arrived and now autumn is definitely here. Ho hum

    1. Thanks, Kath. It's sometimes hard to be inventive with perspective when one is faced with the same backdrop. We had way too much summer here this year. Looking forward to tights and jackets and steam from a nice cappuccino to warm my nose.


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