December 31, 2012

A Cappuccino


Nothing fancy. Only a mason jar and slightly scolded whole milk.

I wanted a cappuccino. 

The jar was hot. I cloaked it in a tea towel and shook vigorously. Stopping repeatedly. For progress. For milky bubbles and milky foam progress.

So simple. I wondered why I had not thought of it sooner.


  1. A friend clued me into using my small french press to foam milk. Just heat up the milk then plunge up and down rapidly. It yields foam that is quite nice. I'll have to try the mason jar trick when I'm away from home, though.

  2. quite ingenious. I'm impressed!

  3. Great ingenuity! We have such an expensive machine that does the same thing!

  4. sometimes the biggest discoveries are one step away. so brilliant. (On my hand, I just use my blender to "froth" scalded milk...but this seems easier and less messy)


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