December 14, 2012

I've had some coffee, you see


It was midway through boiling potatoes and beans that I shut the cookbook. I don't really need to follow a recipe for potatoes and beans.

Small yellow potatoes and very thin string beans (you know the ones). Washed and trimmed, both.

I had every intention of cooking them most thoroughly, the beans. Until they lost their bright, crisp and squeak. And, lose, they did. Under cover of glass, in a bath of chicken stock—slivers of garlic swimming—they cooked and, cooked. Salt, pepper and, steam. They cooked and, cooked.


Oggi, ho comprato un libro (Today, I bought a book). An Omelette and a Glass of Wine. This will be my first Elizabeth David. I'm ready to get lost in the text. Perché (because) my brain needs a break from Rosetta Stone, Oggi in Italia, Italian is Fun, Michel Thomas, Vest Pocket Italian, et cetera...


  1. I was wondering how the Italian lessons were going - well, it seems.

  2. I love Elizabeth David, I have many of her books; not this one though.

  3. You bought it (lo hai comprato or is it l'hai comprato - not sure why I am pitching in here, my Italian is shocking these day). I love An omelette and a glass of wine the book almost much as I love An omelette and a glass of wine the lunch. Can't wait to discuss. Potatoes and beans - yes. Baci x

  4. she is just wonderful. Una scrittrice meravilgiosa

  5. Tracy--great fun, you are really doing so well---Italy awaits!
    best wishes for beautiful journeys and food in the coming year,


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