January 24, 2013

A lunch


On Wednesday I poured a mix of quinoa, ceci and green onion into a small, unassuming pan. A creation from the night before with loads of black pepper, a little salt and a generous splash of extra virgin olive oil.

I heated the pan over a low flame, topped with the lid from another pot. A lid of glass with a tiny whole that allows steam to escape.

The bottom of the mix of quinoa, ceci and green onion crisped while I cracked a large egg into a tiny bowl.

Little pops and cracks. Ah yes. Little pops and cracks. The sound (the smell) of toasting quinoa and ceci.

I lift the pan to silence the singing a bit. Shake it with a gifted hand (I do flatter myself). Ready and steady for the egg. One large egg. It's gorgeous yolk wobbling. Perky and timid all at once. It lay down so gently. The heat keeping the white from spreading haphazardly.

And so, covered it sat on low. With a green hand knit pot holder, folded in half, covering the tiny whole that allows steam to escape. Moments away from the table.

I imagine it would have been perfectly nice with a small glass of red wine and a hunk of cheese sitting alongside a hunk of bread, but I ate it with half an avocado coated with more black pepper than seems fit and a glass of water.


  1. you are a poet, you know.
    I get great inspiration from your food descriptions and preparation, how they have such lovely visuals and feelings encapsulated in them. I just adore your style.
    P.s. I have discovered I love quinoa too. Just yesterday I made a saute with quinoa and veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, pinenuts, green onions) and then used the leftovers in the evening to make pan fried "patties" (binded them with beaten egg and breadcrumbs). So incredibly good.

  2. A gifted hand - yes, definitely. I still have to try the egg and avocado combo. I have been wondering if there is any chance of Words Just So being rekindled?

  3. yes, amelia is correct, you are a poet. love this piece.
    and food-wise, it give me a case of the wants.


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