January 31, 2013

And 40 years later


I can cook a proper meal.

A meal of green beans, potatoes and mushrooms. The beans and potatoes boiled. The mushrooms sauteed. Combined with slivers of garlic, crushed red pepper and chicken stock. Lovely companions.

To that, hard boiled eggs and slices of a sturdy, flavorful cheese. Bread? Wine—red wine? Of course.

Just one meal from one mightily built repertoire. It makes one feel solid and able—capable for the duration.


  1. What a great post! Absolutely, all those things learned.

  2. ....lovely companions indeed, rather like us here, on and across these pages. Bread and red wine of course of course. Solid and capable - thats nice and how I feel about my cooking most of the time. I love that dress. xx

  3. assembling a meal is a bit like assembling a life. one must cut themselves a few times with a knife, and make things mushy every now and then, and then - on occasion - there will be the perfect boiled egg, out of nowhere...


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