February 04, 2013

To do


Charge camera battery.

Be more careful slicing bread.

Learn to type without the use of my left index finger.

Buy more bandages.

Relish in the fact that there are bags of frozen ceci waiting in the freezer.

Eat nice plain cake (pictured above) for dessert.


  1. Ouch! Hope you are feeling better. It hurts. I sliced mine in the hand blender last year. I made a note to self to unplug from wall before attempting to get the bits out of the blade.

  2. Kath took the word right out of my mouth--ouch! Hope the pain is subsiding and you are feeling well.

  3. Bummer. I hope your finger heals quickly.

    I'm late to the party and just beginning to soak my own ceci versus buying canned. Such a huge difference. Even more than other beans I've tried both dried + soaked and canned. I had no idea. Relish, indeed.

  4. Nursing my own wound; same hand, same finger. I love a plain cake and like the look of yours. On my list, overcome laziness and get soaking. And a new knife.

  5. Wasn't this cake how we met? Met here that is! Spring is in the air thank dog, warming up for special visits. Baci to you and finger xx


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