June 03, 2013

A day in Volterra


I had been waiting for this—lush green hills and the roads that curved around them.

Back at Enrico's we met his roommate and very good friend, Fabio. While we took a small rest late in the evening, Enrico and Fabio made a delicious meal for us. What a treat. They both did an incredible job and it was something that I will always remember.

Cured meats
Homemade olives
Hot pepper spread on crackers (pork fat in spread)
Assorted cheeses
Pasta with tomato and foraged asparagus
Pork cutlets with foraged mushrooms (one large mushroom)
Arugula salad with tomato, balsamic and olive oil
Tuscan bread (no salt)

There was wine as well. Homemade red and white. Upon opening the red—which was very fresh—it overflowed over Roberto's hand onto the tiled floor.


  1. I love seeing you back in my reader feed almost as much as I enjoy reading about your trip.

    1. Thank you, Wendi. It's good to be back.


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