September 04, 2013

A well torn leaf


Your left with earthy smelling fingers. A heart skipping scent. Lingering just a bit longer if you close your eyes.

It is necessary each summer to simply—and most simply—dress a plate with thin layers of the ripest—and most flavorsome—tomatoes alongside the most brilliantly fresh—and most delicate—slices, knobs or tears of mozzarella.

And in come the earthy smelling fingers. That heart skipping scent. The basil—collected from the pot(s) growing right outside your kitchen door. Torn and fluttered onto the layers of tomatoes and mozzarella waiting upon the plate.

A flick of salt—and, yes black pepper, too. The best extra virgin olive oil you can find. Fruity and full of body. Maybe it tastes a bit peppery, too. It does.

And, even before you can bring the plate to the table—to be shared—you pull a piece of freshly torn basil that is cupping a nice puddle of that fruity and full bodied olive oil, and you place it on your tongue.


  1. Lovely Tracy. My favourite smell is that on your hands after picking tomatoes from the greenhouse. I am making the most of it at the moment.

  2. captured perfectly!
    and, tomato time is fleeting...


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