September 05, 2013

One more time


Last night it wasn't as cool. The wind, not as breezy. The chill not setting in until dew had collected on failing plant life.

The night before last it was much cooler. The wind, a sweeping breeze. It filtered through the top of the house and landed on my shoulders while I slept. The sheet inching up and up, until it tucked under my chin.

And, the sound in the morning is of quiet (aside from the rambling work trucks heard off in the distance and the hear and there yap of a dog).

Slowly, very slowly. Inching towards...

Well, there was a certain crunch as we made our way down the sidewalk, towards the waters edge. Not to be avoided. We crunched and kicked and swept the dead beneath our feet. We then glared and sweat under the canopy of clear blue. It had only taken months to get to this point. A slightly perfect day.

It's summer. It's fall.

And, I find myself feeling very lackluster and lazy of heart lately. I think a good brush with sweaters and knee socks will help. Perhaps a trip to the mountains on an overcast day. The golds and rusts and reds in full swing. My nose, the tips of my ears, cold. My fingers, too.

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