May 06, 2010

Leftovers and a Silly Reveal


"You love pasta." I said.

"You love pasta too." He said.

The 13 minutes felt like an eternity. Hurry up and wait.

One bunch and a few stragglers asparagus – roasted.

One medium red onion – roasted.

Three carrots – roasted.

A container of cremini – roasted.

I'll-turn-a-blind-eye portion of bacon – rendered.

1 pound shells – set to boil.

Extra virgin olive oil, shallot, garlic, crushed red pepper – coerced under a gentle flame.

Roasted vegetables added to pan.

A splash of white wine.

One half can ceci.

"Do we have cream?" He asked.

"No cream. There's milk or you could throw in a wedge of Laughing cow...nah, that might be too salty." I said.

The pasta scooped and dropped into the waiting pan, mingled with vege under fold, stir and flip precision.

Two generous nubs unsalted butter.


The first bowl (seconds was just a little more, really just a little) was hoovered  using spoons and with as much class as us mid-week hungry could muster.

Pssst...we forgot to add the bacon back in. A happy accident if you ask me. Our leftovers would be rewarded.

Tonight we'll warm everything in a skillet over a low flame with a little water and maybe a touch of cream. I should probably pop into the market at lunch for some cream. Prudent, don't you think?


  1. Cream, yes! Goes with everything. Love your post.

  2. once again, I'm drooling. gorgeous leftovers!

  3. I love those leftover dinners....effortlessly delicious :)

  4. I've been reading your blog for a while, I enjoy your style of writing very much! Don't know what else to say? Yes, nice pics too!

  5. What's cremini? I know I am a stupid English person. BTW, I haven't plucked up the courage to look at the latest posts at Words Just So since coming home as I am afraid it might break my heart. I need to be prepared psychologically - will it?

  6. Erica - Thanks for stopping by. I bought the cream!

    Tracy - I am so anxious for those leftovers.

    M. - I can't wait to reheat and enjoy.

    goddessofcake - Thank you :)

    Kath - I guess you could say cremini are a smaller version of portobello. Don't fear The Blue Door. I was quick about Hanna's accident and things are moving in a lighter direction now.

  7. I wish my leftovers were as nice as yours, though let's face it, it's hard to find an adequate replacement for cream. Thanks for the beautiful post - wonderful writing and stunning photos that never fail to inspire.

  8. Oh man, this is the best leftover dish I've seen in ages. :-) Just so you know, you inspired me the other night and I made pasta, finally, yup, ME. You have a convert. :-)

  9. Beautiful! I love the way you lay out the story and the dish.

  10. I am so happy whenever I have leftovers from last night's dinner. It's a treat to have a meal ready in just a few seconds. Especially when it's as delicious as your pasta dishes Tracy!

  11. Vanessa - :) We usually don't have leftovers. It's always an effort on our part to make more than we usually consume. We always consume so much. It's crazy.

    Tart - You made pasta!? That's wonderful! I'll bet it tasted good. :)

    Velva - Thank you :)

    magda - Thank you :) We have leftover bouchon au thon for dinner tonight (after pasta, of course). I can't wait.


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