May 03, 2010

Self Edit and Sliced Bread


Saturday, I flitted about in the kitchen. Hunger. He rested.

Broccoli blanched. Garlic, shallot and parsley. Extra virgin olive oil, crushed red pepper and conchiglie rigate (shells). Two nice lumps of butter, to encourage creaminess and sheen. To be eaten with a spoon in a bowl, twice over.

Four hard boiled eggs and a nice confetti of parsley, salt and pepper. A few pieces smoked salmon. Dill pickles. Leftovers, to discourage waste.

Spring mix and sliced rings of yellow onion, dressed.

Seven grain and a serrated knife. My arms, my hands, a machine. Each slice manufactured, 1-2-3-4. My machine girl...

Red wine, three quarters of a bottle strong. It likes me. I covet thee.

Sunday, a computer silent, PBS and Annie Leibovitz. My belly full. My camera full. Doubting and uninspired. Inspiration elsewhere? Where are you?

Minute by minute ticked by. A life collected. A timeline and evolution. Seeing things, in the moment. For what they are. Parallels.

Maybe I do have something, if nothing, but a moment.


  1. I love your spread Tracy, so simple, so fresh- looking. A perfect Saturday lunch.
    Sundays are always difficult aren't they? Difficult and uninspiring.

  2. I love that table. The cloth and the food. lovely.

  3. I am absolutely in love with the colors here.

  4. as always i love your words!!! and these images make me hungry:)

  5. Tracy, lovely spread and poetic words.

  6. So beautiful, Tracy! Words AND photos. :-) This spread makes me happy - simple and wholesome and beautiful. :-)

  7. magda - Thank you :) Sundays sometimes feel like that last mad dash.

    Beth - I love setting the table...especially when we have guests. A full table with lots of this and that. Drinks flowing. Food. All kinds of lovely. :)

    Lindsey - Thank you :) It was a happy accident, the color.

    Elisabelle - I'm glad my photos inspire hunger! :)

    Wendi - Thank you, Wendi :)

    Tart - Thank you. I really like how everything came together this morning for the post. It was rather unexpected. :)

  8. Tracy, your spread looks amazing. This looks like a magazine put it together! go girl

  9. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful.

  10. Yes, a moment. It is something. Savor it. The inspiration will come.

  11. your plate of goodies, sliced bread and a salad looks like my lunch so often.... :)

  12. I love spreads like this at the weekend. Yours looks so inspiring. What counts isn't just the moments but how you use them. I wish my table looked as beautiful as yours.

  13. Elizabeth - Thank you :)

    Kath - :)

    Denise - I have to remind myself that I cannot expect to be inspired every waking minute. That is a grand hope. I must lower my expectations. :)

    M. - Little bits of this or that always make for the nicest lunch. :)

    Vanessa - You are right. How one uses the moment is what counts most. :)

  14. your words + photos are stellar. i adore the colors of the food. so lovely!

  15. Your poetic words inspire. Don't you just love using up the remaining little bits?

  16. Your food and photography are both stunning, and I must confess that I covet your tablecloth!!

    re: inspiration yes, at times it's difficult to access the muse, but ya gotta show up----and you are...

  17. next time will you invite me over? that spread looks terrific!

  18. thenextarrow - Thank you :)

    Michele - I'm becoming a huge fan of using up every lit bit. The results are always so good and satisfying. :)

    nancy - I love that tablecloth. It is stain resistant. I am clumsy. :)

    carolyn - :) If you don't mind the drive...consider yourself invited. :)

  19. Your pieces of descriptions are so so good. Lovely yummy photographs too!

  20. I love your tablecloth, and these are gorgeous shots as well :)

  21. I am a fan of hard boiled eggs, pickles of all sorts, nice bread and lunches that involve messing up punctuated with red wine so this looks pretty perfect. You always have something.


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