June 17, 2010

Bonne Maman Cherry Preserves Tart


You can do this.

You've done it before...Why all the fuss?


A third attempt in a years time (make note in cookbook that this is a pat-in-pan, not a roll-with-pin dough).


"I made a cherry tart. Did you see?" I asked.

"I peeked." He said

"I hope it tastes good." I said.





Worked with hands until incorporated and crumbly.

Make a well in the center...

Egg yolk.



Swirled around until incorporated.

Well, whaddya know?!

A disk of dough was created and wrapped in cling film, chilled for 30 minutes.


Pat in pan.

Fill with preserves (one full jar minus two pieces of toast worth).



"It's sweet and tart. It's good." He said.

I lifted my piece to examine the crust.

"The crust is perfectly baked." I said.

I took a bite.

"Wow, this is sweet (tooth achingly sweet)!" I said wincing.


Friday through Tuesday. A nine inch, ten slice, Bonne Maman Cherry Preserves Tart.

"It held up well." I said.


  1. Jam tart! Now why didn't I think of that when I was scouring the web for recipes to use some excess jam. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hmmm, I've got a tart pan hiding in one of the cabinets. And an entire jar of peach/apricot jam from the Loveless in the pantry. Perhaps I should introduce them.

  3. So beautiful and tasty, too. The perfect crostata di marmellata!

  4. I love bonne maman sour cherry jam so this looks like a great tart. I wonder if spreading a layer of ricotta cheese might cut some of the sweetness? Either way, I'm loving this simple idea.

  5. It looks perfect....I just made strawberry tart so I can relax and look at yours with out running crazily to the kitchen and trying to whip something up. Cheers.

  6. Gooey jam. Golden crust. Utter sweetness. I must get myself a tart pan asap.

  7. The deep rich red in your photographs is so beautiful. The tart looks pretty fantastic too.

  8. Beth - It's the perfect vehicle for using up jam.

    Wendi - Yes, introduce. That sounds perfect!

    Michele – And for my next crostata, lemon...I hope! :)

    kickpleat - I love that idea. It needed something, just a light layer of this or that to keep the sweet in check. Thanks for the idea :)

    M. - Thank goodness for strawberry tarts and whipped cream and butter :)

    Jenious - I couldn't keep my fingers out of the gooey jam before and after baking.

    Denise - Even deeper red, a garnet, in person. Chunks of cherries. I love cherry season.

  9. Great photo series, I can just taste it! That crust looks fabulous. Reminds me I need to use my tart pan more often - it's been too long!

  10. Gorgeous photos. I love the black and white ones more recently too! The tart looks fantastic. I must have one soon!

  11. i came to tell you we made a spaghetti with courgette flowers that was very much inspired by your post. Now i need to add what a handsome tart you made - I love jam tart/crostata such simple, sweet and happy food

  12. I love the intensity of the jam and the crispness of the dough. It must have tasted amazing. Pat in pan is my regular method as I find rolling out always makes it crumble. You've got me drooling now; jam tart was a childhood favourite and as well, I've just been shopping and started making a blueberry trifle. Why is it I always crave whatever I don't have?

  13. Nancy - I know you'd make a clever tart! You have such interesting recipes on your blog.

    redmenace - I'd love to see the kind of tart you'd come up. I'm sure it would be inspiring!

    rachel - Wow :) I'll bet it was amazing. You always put an interesting and delicious twist on things.

    Vanessa - The nature of the beast. We always what we don't have. See, now I want a blueberry trifle :)

  14. i just love stopping by here. such a delicious treat.

  15. Ooh lovely, Rachel made a lovely tart the other week and now you. I feel I now have to join in.

  16. countingdandelions - :)

    Kath - I think it's tart season :)

  17. Tracy your tart looks delicious. I think I have some Bonne Mamman strawberry preserve. You have definitely tempted me to make a similar tart.

  18. I love, love, love Bonne Mamman. I'm addicted. And in a tart? Dangerous! I would totally eat this not just for dessert, but for breakfast too - would be wonderful with a big mug of coffee!

  19. crostata is deliziosa!!! My mom also added a hint of chocolate to the jam :)


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