August 28, 2011

My 7

My 7


Most beautiful post: Breathing and Fava Beans

The figs are here...

Most popular post: The figs are here...


Most controversial post: Stemless


Most helpful post: Desperation Brownies


A post whose success surprised me: Wordless: Stuffed Artichokes & Aglio e olio


A post I feel didn't get the attention it deserved: The Garden of Eden

Quebec City: Lower Town


It has been quite a week on the East coast. The earth finally stood still. A heart stopped racing. The sun finally came out.




Amelia was kind enough to list me. Now it is my turn to list those who have inspired me.


  1. I have loved and enjoyed every post that you listed (along with countless others). I check in on your site daily for my dose of inspiration. xo J

  2. How did I miss your Hemingway post? Lucky for me you decided to remind us of it. And figs... I've been devouring Brown Turkey Figs with inappropriate sighs lately. Such fun. I like your 7. You inspired me.

  3. hey Tracy---I'm working on My 7 now. thanks for the push; you're a sweetheart.

    like Denise--how did I miss the Hemingway? oh, well--got it now!


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